We take pride in transforming timber in pieces of art that lasts for ever.

At NG’s we believe in exquisite workmanship and fine craftsmanship while using elegant aesthetics to create masterpieces of the genre. Here, we make tasteful products on clean lines which allow the natural beauty of raw material to express itself. Using the finest, natural timbers and leather, we not only create our own collection but also customise elegant, modern furniture and accessories for every area of your home, work space and life.

All our pieces are carefully handmade to order in our workshop, using Natural raw materials of the highest quality. Prime materials being Wood and Leather, incorporating Glass and Metal into some Designs as well. These are finished using a blend of Natural Oils/Wax to retain its Natural Essence and for the colour to deepen and enrich over time.

We integrate various wood species into our designs to produce unique pieces of art. We try to use timbers from commercial plantations all over the world and import from countries where lumbering is a prime and legal industry, due to the vast and expanding market needs, many countries across the world have expanding forest covers and are producing commercial timber.

Commercially grown species of woods are available in India in large volumes for us to create and transform in various beautiful shapes, depending on creativity of the user. We primarily use C.P Teak, Maple, Wenge and Red Oak wood varieties.