NG’s Designs creates Exclusive Designer, Bespoke Wooden furniture and Accessories, all designed and handcrafted in India. We are a New Delhi based company designing classy wooden furniture and Designer Accessories to complement an Individuals space and life. We design, prototype and produce each item at our workshop, from start to finish, using traditional methods to bring you designs that are timeless and peaceful in their principles. We hope you enjoy our limited issue designs. We feel they speak to a slow, calm, and more enjoyable mode of life.



Nitin Gupta, Founder and Creative Director
an Architect by profession.

His Father and Uncles were a key influence in his life and gave him exposure to tools and techniques at a young age that underpin his technical competence today. These early years inspired the passion for wood and other natural materials that now forms the heart of his design work. Taking the interest forward he went on to study Architecture and Design. This architectural training helped to shape his designs into the crisp sharp lines that characterise his current work. Having made furniture as a hobby throughout his life, Nitin formed his own company in the year 1998 in his hometown Delhi, India named as Ng’s Designs.

Nitin’s distinctive designs blend his various influences to create elegant, modern furniture. The sharp, clean designs are simple, and yet the character of the wood adds a unique depth and richness to each piece. Slowly, he ventured into Accessories made out of left over pieces of wood and other materials used for Furniture and the Designs/Products started to interest people.
This team is further extended by Junior Designers from renowned Institutes and a team of Expert craftsmen and consultants, who have been trained over the years to achieve perfection in every product.

Ng’s will always be an extension of our lifestyle and a project with multi-platform output and interest in all aspects of design.